Home Delivery of the Ledger

The Ledger-Enquirer is offering a special discount just for my coupon addicts. We all know you have to have coupons every week; two sets if you really want to maximize your savings. You don’t want to pass up this exciting, limited-time offer.

In addition to get the great manufacture and store coupons every week, there is a special Deal of the Day coupon found on A-3 of the Ledger-Enquirer every day.  The coupon’s value is always worth more than the paper you just bought.    More savings!

Here’s the deal?

Types of Subscriptions                                              You Pay

7 days a week for 3 months                                    $35  (new subscriber only)

7 days a week for 6 months                                    $70  (new subscriber only)

Weekend for 3 months                                             $28 (new subscriber only)

Weekend for 6 months                                             $56 (new subscriber only)

Sunday only for 3 months                                      $15 (2nd subscription only)

Sunday only for 6 months                                      $30 (2nd subscription only)

Two Sundays for 3 months                                     $30 (2nd subscription only)

Two  Sundays for 6 months                                    $60 (2nd subscription only)

If you already have home delivery but want to add a second Sunday you can. New subscribers can qualify for the Sunday rate if they buy two subscriptions.

You are already paying $1.50 for each one. Why not get it delivered for less.

It works out to about $1.15 per paper

Email me at kellypressy@gmail.com  to get these special rates!