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PromotionCode.org is a new way to get the   codes we all love and want to find. It is an incredibly easy site to navigate and they have just about every store I could think of. Before I put up a post for anyone I always check it out. This site has everything from Hertz rent a car and Kmart.  They are a newer site and are definitely building a reputation for one stop shopping. I even saw a Virgin Mobile code for FREE 60 minutes free. We all need to find codes before we do any online shopping.

Take a minute to check out PromotionCode.org and see for yourself how easy this site is. If you find a code and want to add it to the site you can. If you click on a Company to see if there is a code it will tell you the Success/Fail Percentage. This is very important so you’re not wasting time.  It has a directory that is huge and so simple. I just cannot get over how simple it is. Did I mention it is a FREE service. You won’t pay a penny to enjoy all these savings!

Go over and check them out at PromotionCodes.org.

Build A Sign!

I love simple and easy. My two favorite things. Free being the other. Well I has a chance to visit a site that was all of the above. Build A Sign It was so easy to put together a Magnetic Sticker for my Truck. I just uploaded my image and put in the text! Under 2 minutes.  Really!
Right Now there a running a special on Bumper Stickers.. I would really like to get one that says “I am an addict”. But I think people would not get it..They have tons to choose from. It is a great selection!

Re-Boost with Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just about everyone has a cell phone these days.. But, I bet you didn’t know there’s a simple way to pay your bill online by using your cell phone, right?
Re-Boost from Boost Mobile is a company that provides an easier way for you to get pay your phone bill. You can either pay by phone using your credit or debit card, go online and do the same with your  pc or pay in person. With all of those options, you should be able to find one that works for you. If you’re the type of person who can’t remember if they paid this or that, then you may want to sign up for their auto-pay program - which will leave you worry free.

Boost Mobile has an awesome selection of phones that provide social networking at it’s finest. You can sign into Facebook and Twitter, which is a feature that’s important to a lot of people. I don’t use my phone for networking, some love that they can update their status anytime, anywhere - on the go. If you don’t have a phone that doesn’t have online capabilities – well, now’s your chance to get one!

One of the most popular phones from boost mobile is, the blackberry. I always wanted to get the maroon colored blackberry that was out a while back, but after seeing my friends how great it actually is, I think I’m going to go for that next time around. Blackberry has an enhanced mp3 player, a digital camera, email, and an enhanced web browser. And you can get an unlimited plan for $60. It includes unlimited talk, text, web, and email!

If you’re looking for a plan where you can customize options to your needs and usability, you can definitely do that with boost mobile. Nowadays, most phone companies give you all these added extras that aren’t even used and you’re left wondering why? Why am I paying for things I am not using ? Phones have become so personal, that it just makes sense that they should be able to come with what you need. I’m definitely investing in Boost Mobile for my future cell phone needs, and encourage you to check them out too! We had Boost for almost 2 years, I miss the fact that I know exactly how much my bill is going to be and never have a surprise..