I know I have been slacking.

It has just been crazy at my house. I can get very little done with Bubba here. He is off from school so its nuts..I will be back tomorrow! Promise.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Thank You Sunny!

I just want to say the biggest Thank you to Miss Sunny. Thanks you for helping us out.. You Rock!

Nana, Grand mom, and I have picked 4 families that we are going to help this year from the Ledger’s Holiday Helpers. Let me tell who how horrible I felt picking through them.

Sunny out of the kindness in her heart decided to get a little something for all our families. I had to hide the skateboard from Bubba or he would have died!

Thanks again Sunny for even thinking about helping, but especially because you did!

I Need some help

My Friend Kristen is needing some help and I figuredwhat was something nice I could do for her. Her kids are donating a portion of their Christmas to a needy family she knows. A single mom and 3 kids. Well this is something I would do however we are having a very tight Christmas this year and can’t afford any monetary gifts to them. But what do I have a lot of.I have a huge stockpile and I know I can get a couple people to help me out. They do need money to pay off a water bill. It is currently shut off.

If you would like to help please email me and I will fill you in.

Here are some things you could do..

Money - gift cards, so the mom can get Christmas presents .. She is not going to need food after we are done.

Food- All these Freebies we have been getting.. I know we can help out.

Swag Bucks Codes - a 5 Dollar Amazon card can get them stuff.

I hate to beg, but I know I have very generous readers who can help them out.

Oh I will need anything you want to give by Thursday.

We will be having a new Feature..

You  have asked and now you receive. Starting this week I will have printable Shopping lists. Hopefully we won’t have any problems..But I am not tech savvy.. Yeah for progress.

Welcome WTVM Viewers!


Welcome to my site. On here you will find listing for all sorts of deals in the Columbus Area.  If your a newbie you may want to check out on “Where to start.”

If the world of couponing is still frustrating well I can help you. I teach classes to help with any fears..My next class is coming up on Dec 7th go here if you would like to register.  Did I mention there is free Childcare.

Starting to coupon can be overwhelming and terrifying.. Hopefully we will get you through this and you will be arguing with cashiers in no time. (Just kidding)

So buckle up cause it is a bumpy ride. But I promise I will help you any way I can..

Here is  my favorite thing  you have to do.

  1. Swagbucks- Trust me this may not help you out this year, but next year you could have most of Christmas paid for.. Basically in a a nut shell use this site to do searches. Nothing downloads on your computer. Earn points in which you can turn them into Gift Cards.. My favorite thing..
  2. Make sure you “Like” me on Facebook sometimes things are time sensitive that I do not have time to put them up..
  3. Start clipping coupons. I get the Atlanta Paper.There are much more coupons in it.

This is just a place to start. So get some coupons and get shopping.

Did you Score any Black Friday Deals??

Well I hate to admit nothing tickled my fancy this year. Nothing grabbed me to the point of getting up and braving the frigid..I did get moving around 11 am to head over to Tractor Supply. They had a 55 lb bag of Pedigree for $19.. For me that is huge. A 15 lb bag usually costs $19…

That is all I bought.

What did you get!

The Ledger

If you have not seen the paper yet. Don’t miss my article on Black Friday..

Go here!

Black Friday Shopping

What are some of your tips for shopping?? Please leave me a comment below!

It’s so close to Black Friday..

For all your Black Friday Deals GO Here-

Now If I had my way..The hubby and I would get to a store early.. I would have the store mapped out.. Because I had done my recon homework.. We would have walkie  talkies. In constant contact. We would have lists of first and second choices.. When the store opened. we would get what we were there for..

Next store is the same way..In and Out people.. Quick, Quick. Every store would be a breeze..Get our stuff and get out..My coupons would work and I would get my huge load for next to nothing..

What is really going  to happen??

My husband refuses to go Black Friday Shopping. But this is probably as good thing..He would be awfully cranky at 4 in the morning, outside freezing to get toys, Connor won’t play with in a few days..

Don’t ya love the holidays??

Donations Needed!

The Valley Interfaith Promise is excepting donations for homeless kids in the Valley.

Drop off is at Gateway Walmart.

They are   needing toiletry  items.  We all know we have an abundance of a stockpile. Even if you only give a couple things, it is better than nothing!

Send this to everyone you know!