The Dee Armstrong Show

Did you miss me talking about Regifting? That is OK you can check me out just Go Here to watch the show! Please don’t tell Bubba’s teacher what she is getting.

Happy Thanksgiving

From my family to you. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day with friends and family.

Just FYI

We are in a tornado watch right now. That just means their is a good chance for tornadoes.  The sirens will go off if there is a warning. A warning means their is rotation spotted on radar. Not that a tornado has touched down.

Just be careful. This is very unstable and has a history of producing tornadoes. Being this warm in Nov is not good.

Please Welcome ……………………..

Amber is a fellow couponer who loves to do the drugstores. She is a wife and mother to two great kids. She is going to be posting on the site along with me.. Luckily she kicks my butt in gear..Thanks Kelly

Sorry ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!


First of all I need to apologize for the lack of postings.  My husband last week had an emergency on the road and I have been so stressed out and just freaking out in general. I am sorry that i neglected you my peeps! But everytrhing is coming back around and I will get back to normal programming..


The Day We Will Never Forget..

I am remembering 10 years ago and still grieving for those that were lost and have given their lives for this most wonderful country! Thank you today and always for our military men & women, firefighters, police officers, and everyday citizens that came together that day & each day since to make our nation stronger and prove to the world that the USA will ALWAYS stand! And just remember we do fight back!

Guess Where I will Be…..

Don’t Miss The Most Spectacular Ladies Night Event Of The Year!

Gather your girlfriends and enjoy a night of shopping, product and cooking demonstrations, makeovers, food samples, crafts, door prizes and more…!!! This event is free & open to the public.

Over 55 FABULOUS vendors under one ROOF,
Ultimate Ladies Night Out Expo is the TALK of the town!

September 9th
6 to 10 PM
FOP Lodge of Columbus
8827 Heiferhorn Way

Come support FOPA & receive TOP $ for your UN-wanted GOLD!!


CafeMom is probably one of my favorite sites. I have been going there since I found out I was pregnant. It’s a wealth of information.

Help the Red Cross!!

Please visit Gold Valley Parties South Fundraising Partnership website – – and help raise money for the
Columbus, Georgia Red Cross.

Sell your gold and GVP South will donate 20% of their proceeds!

PLUS you can buy some delicious “Golden Grounds” and Giving Grounds will also make a donation to their cause! Enter code: SummerDeal for 20% off your order!

Make money, give money, save money!

I am Going to Callaway Gardens!!

Remember a couple weeks go I mentioned you can getting free to Callaway. Well We are going. Nana and the girls as well as Bubba and me. I will post more later..

Have a great day!