House Party

Did  I mention I a had a house party.  It was for Digorno Pizza and bread sticks. They sent out this awesome Party Pack filled with beads and games and free coupons. As well as High Value Coupons. We had a great time . The bread sticks are awesome. You can go here to check out the site and maybe even do your own.

Home Depot newsletter

I got this a couple months ago. But I am re-posting because i received a coupon for Buy one get one free bulbs.  I managed to get 72 bulbs for $7.97. Not to shabby! Sign up today.Go here.

Just want to say.

A huge Thank you to The MOPS of Columbus. They invited me to speak about coupons today. They are a great bunch of lady’s who had great questions.  I had a blast.  Remember to check back often. Please keep Isiah in your prayers.

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