Disney Rewards!!

Starting today December 1st through December 25th, Disney Movie Rewards is offering up 5 points daily that you can enter into your account!  You’ll just need to visit ABC Family’s 25 Days Of Christmas home page starting today December 1st, scroll down, and click on the Disney Movie Rewards logo (like below)…then just log into your Disney Movie Rewards account to snag your points!

Some Disney Rewards

Use the following codes to get 50 free Disney Rewards points (10 points each):


These do add up, so if you don’t already have an account, you might want to join! If you’ve never looked, check through the awards section to see if you want to take advantage of any of their “0″ point offers. There are pdf books, apps, activity ideas and much more. Plus, they’re free!

Disney Points!

Disney Movie Rewards has released a new code worth 25 points. Just enter face200 in the magic code box to get your points! It expires June 19th.

Disney Points!

Are you collecting points for Disney Movie Rewards? Here’s a new code to get 5 points to add to

your account:

Y7ZE67KL2G (5 pt code)

Disney Movie Rewards

Log into your Disney Movie Rewards account and enter code COOL to get 50 points!

Disney Rewards!!

These 3 codes are still valid on Disney Movie Rewards. Before you even try them, I suggest that you log into your account and look for “View All Recent Codes” under “My Recent Codes”. Then click on “Show All Points Earned” at the bottom of that list. This will enable you to see all the codes that you have used. If you enter too many duplicate codes they will freeze your account. I entered the below codes back in the spring.

  • 9EKSMN38SH – 50 points
  • 9FTMRYWEK – 50 points
  • FPSNN83JX9 – 25 points

Only one did not work for me.

Disney Coupon

Connor loves Toy Story. He has only recently begun his love for them. Now you can get a DVD Coupon. Miss Jackie let me know that there is a great coupon for the DVD Combo. You get 3 copies of this movie..
Click here for the coupon!

Thanks Jackie!

Disney Rewards Points.

There are new Reward up. You can score some fantastic gifts for free.You don’t even pay shipping.

popular = 10 points
partners = 15 points
wildflower = 20 points
online = 25 points
green = 30 points

Go here.

Another Disney Points Day!

I love the free codes. Just type in

9FTMRYWEK (50 Points)

FM39V03SSW (5 points)

i ( 10 points.) Here.Thanks Freebies4moms!