Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day!

Today is MEGA Swagbucks Friday, which means that you can earn more Swagbucks than normal.

Swagbucks is a FREE search site(like Google) where you earn points(Swagbucks) randomly when you search. Points can then be redeemed for prizes(including gift cards). JOIN TODAY HERE!

TIPS: Insert the toolbar. Search daily. Refer your friends!

To see Matchups

For the time being you can check out these blogs.

Winn Dixie - Here

Publix - Here

Kmart Boot camp with the Time 2 Save Girls!!!!

If you have not checked our their site you really need to.  These chicks are awesome.  I love the pictures they have on there.  Well they have a boot camp for Kmart and you can find it here!  I have been following these girls for awhile and I’ll tell you what.  I would love to hang out  and “shop” with these girls any day. They have a great series called time 2 give. I hope you’ll be inspired to give back.

Y’all come down my way. We’ll shop!

Walgreens Coupon Book..

Here are the coupons you will see in the April coupon book at Walgreens.  These are found in the front of the store and are totally free.  They are valid from 3/28-4/24. Continue reading Walgreens Coupon Book..

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

These is another one of my favorite blogs.Just read her stories or Look at her pictures. If I could be half as cool as her I would be happy!

Check it out here.

My name is Kelly and I am an addict

Well of coupons. I am a stay at home mom to a great 5 yr old boy. I have just recently begun couponing. Since March of 2009. I was the usual shopper.I primarily shopped at Walmart, if I had a coupon I would use it. But Boy I was so wrong. I first went to and Michelle changed my life.I know what your thinking. I use to think Publix is expensive. But that was before I became a strategic shopper and I have a nice little stockpile. I also believe we should give to those in need from our surplus.I mean really do  I need 20 boxes of Cheez Its. No.

So sit down squat down but make yourself at home.