I am a work in Progress.

I try to be totally honest with you all. This has been a very hard year for me personally. You really don’t know how hard it is for me to watch people I love who are dealing with the most horrible things you can think of.  I am a fixer and these are circumstances in which I have no control over. Our family is still grieving for the loss of my Father In Law, Which is a 24/7 a week punch in the stomach.Then our 91 year old grandmom is dealing with breast cancer and it is a constant battle to not do everything for her. To watch a friend have to do the unthinkable with her child she has waited for .  It was only after a manager of one of the stores I go to said.’ Wow it has been forever since you used a coupon.” I laughed and said it was ok. But after the 3rd week I realized that I was not doing the things I enjoyed. I am not crafting. I am barely hanging on.

After these last 9 months I realized that I can not do it all. I talked to my doctor and after going over it, I decided to go on some meds. I have depression and while I get out of bed and function. It is not how I want  to live.

We all have our struggles and I hope that in the following months ahead I will be back to myself.



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