When it Rains..

It pours. Wow this year has really been hard. With two very close deaths in my life it is hard to keep this up. So bare with me while I get my stuff together.

A dear friend of mine was 40 weeks pregnant and she went for her check up and their was no heartbeat.  He had died. She has had a hard time with pregnancies and it was such a blessing that she has got to the point where I thought you did not have to worry. But as always someone else has control. I had to watch her and her family go through this horrible experience. There is nothing I can do or say to make it better.

This week I will have to watch them as bury this baby. That she never got to hold. Say goodbye to a dream that has shattered, along with her heart. I know it is a long process and I pray that she can find some peace.

It is shocking that 1 in 4 impregnates end in a stillborn. So if you could say a prayer for them. I would appreciate it!