I am Back….Did you miss me??

Well it has been a long month and a half. We were working to get a house packed and cleaned. On top of fixing, painting cleaning the new house. Did I mention there was no Air Conditioner? Yep none. But we (ME) are getting it all figured out. I think we will have boxes until Christmas.

After my latest move I have some perspective on what you should and should not do.


1. Don’t do it.. Really just burn everything and start fresh..

2. Don’t move when the Heat Wave started to be 107 Degrees. Remember no AC..

3. Don’t bother styling your hair. What is the point ? You are going to sweat all day. Just wear a hat and pray no one notices you..

4. Fire Ants are the devil. My first night here I got bit by one stupid and went into Anapalahoctic Shock. Luckily one neighbor is a Doctor and said go to the ER. Now I have to carry an Epi pen.

5.  Don’t think you have enough boxes. Get more trust me. We ran out and I had to quick unload to get more. The Dollar Store has great big boxes.


1. Hire someone to do it all for you.. Take a vacation….