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We have bought a house. It is a fixer upper and I am trying to figure out what colors to paint. Geez it is overwhelming to start from scratch. I am used to things just having the crown molding and accents. When your doing it yourself it can get crazy. My hubby and I are on completely different pages when it comes to colors for rooms and the outside of the house. My “theme” is americana or primitive.  With a little modern thrown in. Now my hubby can visualize things in his brain. Where I need to see them. But I think we are getting there. My favorite thing is a craft room. The middle room has built in shelves on the whole length of the wall. SO i am utilizing Pinterest to figure out what to do with them. I want to paint them white. But we will see.

Here is the before pics.

What are some ways you decorate on the cheap??





  1. Chucky says:

    Good luck to your new home. I can not wait to see the your new home, please post a photo here in your site. Thanks for letting me stopped by.
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