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This is why I love Publix

This is my reason for loving Publix. They take the time to make things better.

There is a Q&A section on there page which will clear a lot of things up for us..

Check it out here.. These are some of my favorites!

Q: A competitor on a store’s approved list is offering a $5.00 off a $25.00 order coupon when a customer signs up to receive communications from them. Will Publix take this coupon?

A: Yes. Since they have already signed up with the competitor to receive this coupon, the only requirement left to comply with is purchasing $25 worth of groceries.
Q: Will Publix accept a competitor’s coupon that indicates the customer must present their retailer rewards card to use the coupon?

A: Yes. Publix does not have a reward card but would honor this coupon if they meet the other purchase requirements.


Coupon Stacking

Q: Can a store coupon, competitor coupon, and manufacturer’s coupon all be used for one item?

A: No, a manufacturer’s and a Publix or competitor coupon, but not both, may be used.
Q: If an item already has a manufacturer’s coupon attached to it, will Publix still take an additional manufacturer’s coupon on the item?

A: No. Publix will take an additional Publix or competitor coupon but will only take one manufacturer’s coupon for an item, regardless of where the coupon came from.

Q: A customer has a “save $1 off the purchase of two items” manufacturer’s coupon.  Can another manufacturer’s coupon be used for either of these items?

A: No. When the manufacturer issues a “$1 off the purchase of two items” coupon, it requires the purchase of two items. Therefore, a coupon has already been applied to both items. This is because the customer had to purchase both items to meet the coupon’s requirements.

Penny Item @ Publix

The penny item today is Publix Cheesy Deluxe Mac and Cheese. Remember you must have the coupon from The Ledger.