We are having a Coupon Bonaza!

All right the winner of the coupons,  Corrie Cope.. Please email me so we can get them to you! Thanks Guys!


Flash Giveaway!  I have 30 inserts that are up for grabs. I have taken out some but the majority of it is still there. You have to be local and can pick them up. They are from Publix, Red Plum, Smart Source and P&G. They are from Both THe Ledger and Atlanta paper..

Leave a comment  and tell me how you got started in couponing. I will pick a random winner. I will pick the winner at noon today.



  1. Jennifer westbrook says:

    I got started couponing about 5 years ago when I realized I could save lots of money doing it. At the time there were 5 of us and my husband was having both of this feet operated on. I love saving money and i am getting better at it every week. I try to buy now for 6 months down the road because my husband is being laid off from work. so all the coupons and great deals I can get now when help.

  2. marla says:

    I got started about 5 months ago, watching extreme couponing inspired me. I got as much information into my brain that I could that day as i was getting yelled at by my husband to get off the computer. I told myself that one day I will be able to do it like the people on tv. I then found facebook pages such as this one and another local page to help me out and it is very frustrating but it has worked out great for us!

  3. jazmine Anderson says:

    I started seriously couponing about 6 months ago. I took one of your classes and learned so much. Caring for twins gets expensive, so coupons help a lot.

  4. Trista Davenport says:

    I started couponing out of necessity. I had to make my money last and realized using coupons made a huge difference. I started getting more and spending less.

  5. Hannah DeVries says:

    I’ve used coupons here and there for several years but never took it seriously until just recently. Pregnant with our first baby and hoping to be able to stay home with her, so finding any way to save money and make that transition to just one income.

  6. Dani Smith says:

    I got started couponing 2 years ago when we lived in California. Cost of living was a lot higher out there and we actually took a pay cut when we moved there, so to offset the costs, I started clipping coupons and shopping at Safeway.

  7. Ashley Osborne says:

    I actually got started couponing after seeing, on Extreme Couponing, how much you could really save while using them. In the past, I thought they were just used to save cents here and there, but once I saw how extreme it can really get, I knew I had to try it!

  8. Corrie Cope says:

    I got started a while back with my friend after we decided to take one of your classes. We help keep each other going, cutting and organizing together, sharing coupons, finding deals together, and doing our weekly shopping trips together!

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