Linkseys E4200 Review and Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

Linkseys E4200 Review and Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

We needed a new Router for our personal computers, so I go to the one person I know who is a geek about technology. Kyle over at the The Techno Files. Not only does he makes technology easy for someone like me. I am a little slow when it comes to all that stuff. But If I can teach him coupons then I can start to learn about techy things.

We needed something that would work with our 2 laptops , 1 personal computer and a wireless printer. It needed to have a far range. When Bubba is outside on these beautiful days I can go out side and watch while on my laptop. I can honestly tell you the Linksys E4200 surpassed every expectation I had. The other router from the cable company I could not go in the kitchen and have a signal. With the Linksys E4200 I can go to my bedroom and still have  a signal. Without sagging or slowdown. It is as fast as if I was sitting right next to it.

The sleek and simple design also makes it appealing as well as it can fit anywhere in the home or office to provide use and access in any network configuration. It is made by Cisco who is known for the best in world class innovation in computer technology.

It boasts a six internal antennas; three each for the 2.4- and 5-GHz bands, enabling the E4200 to achieve a theoretical maximum throughput of 450 Mbps.  The unit comes with the Cisco Connect software which walks you through installation, setting up the network with all equipment and creating the security key, I was able to set mine up in less than 5 minutes.

Cisco is generous enough to offer the Linksys E4200 to one of my readers! We love giveaways so here is how to enter.

  • Leave me a comment on why you need a Linksys E4200! The contest is open to US Residents only.
  • “Like”ing my page is not mandatory but nice!
  • Ends Saturday  September 24th at 12 pm.

Good Luck!

    50 comments to Linkseys E4200 Review and Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

    • Norely

      I have a similar problem with my wireless at home. I have a wireless printer and internet and sometimes if I go to far it is out of range. This router looks so sleek!! Would love to win this!! Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

    • Carol Murphy

      I am in desperate need of a new router. The first router I purchased was returned for a Linksys. My router is several years old and very outdated. Being out on disability, I don’t have a lot of spare money around. I’ve attended your classes to learn how to save money by coupon and like you said in class, you can’t beat free!

    • Mike M

      I sure could use a wireless router being I just got a new laptop and would be nice to sit outside on my deck and use the internet.
      I like easy so 5 minute setup would be awsome. Thanking you and Cisco for this giveaway and please enter my name.

    • joe

      I sure could use this wireless router e4200 from linksys. I have a 2 laptop computers along with a desktop computer and have the need to connect my ps3, xbox 360 and Wii and my wireless printer. Linksys is a quality brand. I need something and won’t slow me down.

    • Crystie Greer

      I could use one, we have one that is going on the blink quick and I have heard FAB things about Linksys. I run two buisnesses from home, including adding online school to my plate. I have a wireles all in one, and two computers. So enter me and I will keep my fingers crossed :)

    • Kathy

      Currently our network runs with 5 laptops on. Because of this, our home network gets very congested because i occasionally stream movies from a home server. This makes video playback quite choppy. with the E4200, We would be able to enhance the quality of our home network.

    • jeff

      Well, having a Linksys wireless router would surely make it easier for me since my crappy router at home tends to lose signal after a few hours. I’m sure with the Linksys router, I’ll have a peace of mind.
      I could tell a lot how my ideal home setup would be but it would be ideal if the connection is solid in the first place.

    • Rob

      I could really use this. I have five computers and an xbox running through and old embarg router. neither the company that made the router or isp that got sold support the router. It is over five years old and starting to have problems.

    • Vivian

      My ideal home network would involve a sleek, wireless router (black, to go with my black and white floor and black and white office table) that would allow up to ten guests to connect to, and very easy to set up – all of this can be answered by Linksys E4200.

    • amy

      i just got setup with a new internet connection and i need to win this contest so that i can get my computers talking correctly. lol. TY.

    • paul

      I think that some of the options that this router has are great. I have never been this technologically up to date. Right now my router is out of commission so this could help.

    • Maureen

      I need this because of the fact it has superior wireless coverage to allow you to network anywhere in the home.


    • Ryan

      We have a laptop, a PS3, and two desktops which comprises a main workstation and a small Windows Home Server 2011-based rig which does backups and NAS. They’re already connected with a Linksys E1000, but because this router is basic and only has 10/100 LAN the speed is not as desired. It would be nice to have a faster wireless router.

    • Karen

      I found out about this from one of the other sites that has this contest. I could really use one. Cisco take me away.

    • Steph D

      Finding aobut this giveway was great. I am in need of a network overhaul and this will work great.

    • Colleen

      This would be helpful to me because my current router is G standard, no USB ports, fast Ethernet (not Gigabit Ethernet), and no firewall

      The 1 feature that most appeals to me is the SPI firewall. I currently use a software firewall.

    • Brittany

      I like the fact that the Linskys E4200 has Superior Wireless coverage and that would help me because I use a Wireless card now in my PC and it barely gets a signal, I blog and it would benefit me if I had a better signal, so I could blog anytime I wanted.

    • Howie

      I have friends that bring their laptops over so I like the fact it has guest accounts and for this reason I really really really need it, haha. thanks!

    • Claire

      Me & my family would be using this awesome Router if i win this.Currently i am having to connect each PC using Cables.If i get to win this , i can connect all the computers in our home using Faster WiFi N feature of this Router.

      I really like the feature of Wireless N Dual Band feature of this router.

      I really really do hope i win.Thank You for this great opportunity.Fingers crossed.

    • ella

      I’m technologically challanged so the easy installation feature is best for me

    • Arlene S

      Before we had a wireless router which is an old one and it no longer working. With the Linksys E4200, i’d be happy to get back to a wireless network, where it will serve the purpose of easy transfer / backup of our files.

    • Cathy

      this device would be ideal for my family’s wireless home setup as our land area is quite big and our signal is always really low when far from our router.

    • June

      I am not fully up to speed with technology but I know that a new wifi router for my house would not hurt.

    • alicia

      I am a little broke right now and my wifi router is dead. I hope I can win so I can get back on my laptop and use wifi. Otherwise im stuck on my cable. thanks!

    • Janice

      The Linksys E4200 would be especialy helpful to me because it has ultra fast wireless speeds and because it can pick up signals better than other products, I use a wireless card now but it does not pick up a good signal.

    • Zachary B

      This router would work well on our home network. We have so many devices using our router constantly so it gets bogged down. This would help quite a bit.


    • alaina

      Thanks for having this contest. I could really use one. I have a G router currently. Linksys is a great name as far as I have seen.

    • Kristine H

      I just want to be able to control my Desktop/Laptop’s iTunes via my iPod Touch while blow-drying my hair in the bathroom That wouldn’t be possible without that Linksys E4200 wireless router! Pick me pick me! :)

    • Karla

      Thanks for the giveaway…we would love a Cisco E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router so we can (finally) join the 21st Century i.e. by going wireless !

    • Megan

      I could really use a new router. This one looks like it has some really cool features. I am using a Belkin currently.

    • Samantha

      I need a new wireless router. This router sounds great. Our computer runs slow. We have replaced our router several times. Thanks.

    • Michele C

      I would love this because our current router is ancient! We just got an extra computer so I can use it for blogging and it would make things so much easier! My favorite feature is that it has a wide range so my husband can use a computer on one side of the house and I can take my laptop in the backyard if I want!

    • Sue Pardue

      What perfect timing! The router we got from AT&T is dying on us and we’ve been looking for a new one to replace it. This sounds perfect because we have two laptops, a wireless printer and desktop and we’ve always had good luck with Linksys.

    • amy s

      our linksys router always needs to be reset and its so aggravating. this would be great to win !

    • james

      I really need a new router. the one I have now is a piece of junk and i am about to throw it out the window. i can’t even put a password on it so my network is unsecured. This would be a huge upgrade.

    • Alyssa

      Wowzer!! I sure could use a faster speed on my PC. Liking the almost fail-proof setup. thanks for the giveaway

    • Erika

      Great router! I’d love to win it for my mom and her husband! thank you!

    • Loraine

      Id love to win this router because I currently dont even own one. I just moved into an apartment and have been stuck to my cable router and this would be great !

    • Melinda

      OMG I need one of these soooo bad.
      Our router wont get me internet on our third floor!

    • Amanda V

      thanks for this wonderful giveaway! if i win, this will be for my wonderful son!

    • hillary

      The router I currently have sucks, I have to reset it several times a day. This would be a huuuuuuuuge upgrade. Thank you!

    • Courtney

      would be great to win this so i can use my wireless outside in the yard.

    • Shauna

      i need this because my old router is really old and in bad shape and i can’t get a good signal in my bedroom for streaming movies with netflix. This would solve that!


    • Whitney

      thanks for the giveaway!!!

      I need a new router for my apartment since i just moved and don’t have one yet.

    • Julie

      I am at the end of my rope trying to cook up a solution to my computer woes. I have wires running everywhere. When the dogs bark at night. I jump up and trip over the wires. The wires pose a hazard to by new grand baby who is just learning to crawl. Winning the Linksys E4200 wireless router would be an awesome solution to my computer woes.

    • I have a laptop, but do not have a wireless router, I am plugged into the DSL modem. I would love the flexibility wireless would give me.

    • natalie

      I really need a new router since my current one is way to slow to keep up with all of our wireless devices

    • James B.

      I need one because the wife coupons and i keep ours hooked up my playstation, this would probably do her a huge favor!

    • Bill

      If I won, I’d give it to my wife. It would let her FaceTime anywhere in the house and yard so family could see our daughter playing.

    • Carrie Phelps

      I get my internet from my neighbor at at times it’s very iffy … this would help me get a good signal!

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