Mega Swagbucks & Birthday Bash!

SwagBucks is celebrating its 3rd birthday this week and, to celebrate, is giving you extra opportunities to celebrate as well.

First: New users to SwagBucks can get 50 extra bucks with code BirthdaySavers.  You’ll get the regular 30 bucks too, so this means you start with 80 swagbucks right out of the gate!! Get signed up and get ready for the fun.

For everyone else, on February 28th, Swag Bucks will be unveiling the redesign of their blog, a product that will change how search is used, and at least 5 codes throughout the day allowing you to get more Swag Bucks.

Have no clue what Swagbucks is??

This is a different type of search engine (like google) but it rewards you with swagbucks when you search and use their site.  You can then redeem these pretend bucks in and get gift cards to Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and many other places!  My favorite is to  earn enoughbucks a month for a $5 Amazon gift card.

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