New Show on TLC

Today TLC will be profiling 4 Extreme couponers across the US. I do visit 2 of these sites. One is the Krazy Coupon Lady and the other is Mr.Coupon from We Use  Coupons. While I am not anywhere near there success I do strive for a little of it.

I have been waiting for the dark side of couponing to appear. I guess I never realized being able to pay my bills and keep a fully stocked kitchen would be bad. I am not a hoarder. You can not really see my stockpile if you come to my house. I have a small stockpile compared to them. If I had the room and my husband would let me.I probably would have more.

But this year I have been able to help 3 families in our area. I could not do this if it weren’t for the couponing. I have no money for anything extra. Yet I still contributed. I always give to shelters or food banks throughout the year. It kinda irked me the way they made it seem like these people are nut jobs. For me all that toilet paper would mean is everyone getting some for Christmas. If someones house burnt down I would have enough to give them a starting point back on their feet.

Now I do understand the Hoarding part of the show. And yes I do feel that this can be addicting. But like everything else in moderation.

I do shop without coupons sometimes..I know, I do.. Guess what it is OK.

So make sure you tune in tonight to watch it.

Oh By the way.. I am not a hoarder I am frugal.

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