Some Black Friday Tips!

You have decided to hit Black Friday with a bang. Here are a few tips worth mentioning. You have to think of this like war. Have a Plan and execute it..Leave behind no casualties.

  • Be Prepared- Know what you want and have a back up plan. I always have a couple things from each store I want.
  • Have a Budget and stick to it. Impulse buying is not good on this day.
  • Don’t forget your coupons at home! Very Important. Bad move..
  • Hire a Sitter.. This is a stressful day as it is. I could not even imagine bringing Connor. Nope..
  • Dress in layers and comfy shoes. It is going to be cold at 4 am but it will get stuffy in the store.
  • Don’t use a cart. All the stores are going to be packed with people and merchandise. You can move easier. You want to get in and get out quick!
  • Make sure it is really a deal. Signs saying up to 70 % off can be deceiving. Make sure you comparison shop with online sites. One item on the rack could be a huge savings and nothing else..
  • If you can’t find something that you want or miss out on a deal do not stress. Cyber Monday is three days later and will have the deals the following week.
  • Have some fun!
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