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Tom’s of Maine Fresh Toothpaste


Degree Girl Deodorant

More Coupons to Print

With the Start of November all the coupons have reset! Get printing! Now! Before other people do it. Once the limit is reached that’s it..Stop reading this and print!

$1.00 off One (1) Nancy’s Frozen Appetizer
$3.00 off any Afrin 12 Hour Nasal Spray
$1.50 off TWO HUGGIES Baby Wipes
$2.50 off ONE (1) HUGGIES Diapers
$1.50 off Any Theraflu Product
$0.75 off on the purchase of any one WASA
$0.50 off on ANY SIX (6) Light & Fit 6 oz. Cups
$0.55 off on ANY ONE (1) DanActive 4-pack
$1.00 off any one Compound W product
$1.00 off Glade PlugIns Scented Gel products
$0.75 off on ANY ONE (1) ACTIVIA 4-pack
$0.50 off on ANY ONE (1) Light & Fit 4-pack
$88.99 for 2 Pairs of Eyeglasses
BOGO on Purina Pro Plan brand
$4.00 off Glade Automatic Spray Starter
$1.50 off Glade Automatic Spray Refill
$0.75 off on ONE FINISH Powerball Tabs or Gelpac
$1.00 off on ANY ONE (1) FINISH QUANTUM
$1.00 off 1 FINISH JET-DRY Rinse Agent
$1.00 off on 1 Finish Dishwasher Cleaner
$0.75 off Cascadian Farm product
$0.50 off Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters
$0.50 off Chex Mix
$1.00 off Ziploc Brand Bags
$0.40 off Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads
$0.75 off (1) 32oz or (2) Karo 16oz Corn Syrup
$0.50 off Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls
$0.75 off Total cereals
$1.00 off Chex cereals
FREE Prestige Collage & EXTRA 20% OFF
$1.00 off General Mills Kid cereals
$1.00 off on any Hartz dog or cat toy.
$1.00 off 1 Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
$0.50 off Bisquick Baking Mix
$1.00 On Your Purchase of the All New Redbook!
$1.00 off any (1) variety of Eight O’Clock Coffee
50% off Olan Mills portraits
$3.00 off ONE Bendaroos 500pc Mega Pack Only
$0.40 off Pillsbury Sweet Rolls
$0.50 off Betty Crocker Box Muffin Mix
$0.40 off Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
$1.50 off Ziploc Containers
$1.00 off ANY TWO (2) Newman’s Own products
$1.00 off Pillsbury Sweet Moments™
$0.55 off Pillsbury Simply… Cookie Dough
$0.50 off Progresso Products
$0.50 off any one (1) Minute Rice Product
$1.00 off Pillsbury Savorings products
$0.75 off Frozen Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits
$1.00 off Pillsbury Holiday Cookies
$0.35 off Pillsbury Grands! Jr biscuits
$1.00 off Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$0.40 off Yoplait Yogurt
$0.50 off Pillsbury Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crust
$0.30 off Refrigerated Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit
$0.55 off Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough

Disney Coupon

Connor loves Toy Story. He has only recently begun his love for them. Now you can get a DVD Coupon. Miss Jackie let me know that there is a great coupon for the DVD Combo. You get 3 copies of this movie..
Click here for the coupon!

Thanks Jackie!

Free Calendar!

I love Free stuff and this is a perfect Christmas Present!

Atlanta Paper for $1

I have a friend who can get the Atlanta Paper for $1. I need a final count today. Pick up is in Columbus on Mondays.

Pass this along to anyone!

Publix Sneak Peek

Progresso Soup, Assorted Varieties, 18 to 19-oz can, BOGO $2.29
$1/4 Progresso Soups 10/24/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/18/2010)
-$1/4 Progresso Soups Rolling
-$1/4 Progresso Soup 10/3/2010 GM Insert (exp 11/27/2010)
-$1/4 Progresso Soups 9/12/2010 GM Insert (exp 11/6/2010)
-$0.50/2 Progresso Soups 8/8/2010 GM Insert (exp 10/2/2020)

Green Giant Canned Vegetables, 11 to 15 oz can (Excluding Specialty Corn Varieties, Three Bean Salad, And Asparagus) BOGO $1.29
-$0.50/2 Green Giant Vegetables 10/24/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/18/2010)
-$1/4 Green Giant Any Canned Corn, Peas or Green Beans ( Excludes Buffet and Specialty) Blinkie

3M Scotch Packaging Tape, Clear or Brown, BOGO $3.49
-$0.50/1 Scotch Packaging Tape (exp 12/31/2010)

Jennie-O So Easy Turkey Entrees, Turkey Breast With Gravy, Meatloaf with Tomato Sauce, or Salisbury, 14 oz pkg, BOGO $3.99
-$.55/1 Jennie-O Turkey Store So Easy product, any Peelie

Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breast, Assorted Varieties, 8 or 10 oz pkg, BOGO $4.99
-$1/1 Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts All You Nov 2010 (exp 12/2/2010)
-$1/1 Barber Foods Product 10/17/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/4/2010)
-$1/2 Barber Food Products (exp 11/2/2010)
-$1/2 Barber Food Products (exp 11/2/2010)
-$1/1 Barber Foods Product All You Oct 2010 (exp 11/4/2010)
-$1/1 Barber Foods Product Rolling

Welch’s Essentials Juice Cocktail Blend, Assorted Varieties, BOGO $3.25
-$1/1 Welch’s Essentials Juice Cocktail 10/31/2010 SS Insert (exp 1/31/2011)
-$1/1 Welch’s Essentials (exp 12/31/2010)
-$1/1 Welch’s Essentials (exp 12/31/2010)

Nature’s Own Bread, Made With Whole Grain White 20 oz bag or 100% Whole Wheat made with Real Honey, 16 oz bag, BOGO $2.89
-$0.75/1 Nature’s Own Breakfast Item (bread and english muffins pictured) (exp 12/1/2010)

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, Assorted Varieties, 6-oz pkg, (Excluding Chocolate Covered & White Chocolate Varieties),  BOGO $3.19
-$.55/1 Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Tearpad (exp 12/31/2010)

Kraft or Seven Seas Salad Dressing, Assorted Varieties, 14 or 16 oz bot, BOGO $3.19
-$0.50/1 Kraft Salad Dresing (exp 11/13/2010)
-Free Produce wyb 2 Kraft Dressing (up to $1) Tearpad

Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Assorted Varieties,13 or 16.3 oz jar, BOGO $2.47

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 16.25 or 18-oz bot, BOGO $1.69
-$1.00 on Meat when you buy A.1. and Kraft Barbecue sauce Tearpad
-$.25/1 Kraft Barbecue Peelie

Duke’s Mayonnaise or Whipped Salad Dressing, Assorted Varieties, 32 oz jar, BOGO $3.65
-$.50/1 Duke’s 32oz Mayo, Light Mayo, or Salad Dressing Peelie
-$.75/1 Duke’s Mayonnaise, Any Jar Tearpad

Gia Russa Select Pasta Sauce, Hot Sicilian, Tomato & Basil, Alla Vodka, Marinara or Cherry Tomato, 24 oz jar or Alfredo Sauce, 15 oz jar, BOGO $5.79

Barilla Pasta, Selected Varieties, 13.25 to 16 oz box, (excluding Lasagna and Barilla Plus) BOGO $1.27
-$1/2 Barilla Whole Grain (click COUPONS)

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, Assorted Varieties, 13 to 17-oz box or Vanilla Clusters, 18 oz or Just Bunches! 17 oz box, (Excluding Family Size) BOGO $3.99

Kellogg’s Cereal, Raisin Bran, Raisin Bran Crunch or Corn Flakes, 18 to 20 oz box, or Fiber Plus Cereal, 11.5 to 15.3 oz box, BOGO $4.19
- $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals 10/17/2010 RP Insert (exp 11/28/2010)
-$1/1 Flour WYB 2 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Cereals
-FREE Market Pantry or Kraft Marshmallows wyb 2 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes* Target Coupon (exp 1/8/11)
-$1/2 Kellogg’s Cereal Rolling

Krusteaz Cookie Mix – Bakery Style: Chocolate Chunk, Sugar, or Peanut Butter, 15.5 or 17.5 oz box – BOGO $2.19
-$1/1 Krusteaz Cookie Mix 10/10/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/31/2010)

V8 Splash Beverage or Diet V8 Splash, Assorted Varieties, 64 ozbot, BOGO $2.85
-$1/2 V8 Diet Splash Juice Rolling
-$1/2 V8 Splash Beverages 10/3/2010 SS Insert (exp 11/20/2010)

College Inn Broth – Assorted Varieties – 32 oz ctn. – BOGO $2.49
-$0.75/1 College Inn Broth 9/19/2010 RP Insert (exp 12/19/2010)
-$1/3 College Inn Broth Cartons or Cans 9/19/2010 RP Insert (exp 12/20/2010)

Ocean Spray Craisins, Assorted Varieties, or Trail Mix, 6-oz bag BOGO $2.25
-$1/1 Ocean Spray Craisins 6oz or 12oz pkg. Peelie

Emerald Honey Roasted Peanuts, or Dry Roasted: Regular or Lightly Salted With Sea Salt, 16 oz jar, BOGO $3.19

Rold Gold Pretzels, Assorted Varieties, 10 to 16 oz pkg, BOGO $2.99
-$2 off Rold Gold Pretzels (10oz+) or Lay’s Kettle Cooked chips (8oz) wyb TWO Tostitos Tortilla Chips (10oz+). Tearpad
-$1 off Rold Gold Pretzels any variety/flavor 7 oz – 16 oz bag  WYB any (2) bags of Lay’s Potato Chips any variety/flavor 10.5 oz – 11 oz bags Tearpad

Wise Potato Chips, Assorted Varieties, 9.75 or 10 oz bag, BOGO $3.79

Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks, Assorted Varieties, 6.06 or 7.04 oz bag, BOGO $2.99
-$1/1 Quaker Rice Snacks

Hershey’s Bliss Chocolate, Assorted Varieties, 8.6 or 9.6 oz bag, BOGO $4.29
-$1/2 Hershey’s Bliss Chocolates 9/26/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/26/2010)

Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams or Original Grahams, Assorted Varieties, 14.1 or 14.4 oz box, BOGO $3.99
-$1/2 Nabisco Crackers, dnd5 or triple, 7 oz- 16.5 oz – Nabisco Get your holiday party started
-$1/1 Honey Maid Graham Crackers 14.1oz Tearpad

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt, Assorted Varieties, 4-pk, 4-oz cup, BOGO $2.50
-$0.50/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt 10/3/2010 GM Insert (exp 11/27/2010)
-$0.50/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Rolling
-$0.50/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt 9/12/2010 GM Insert (exp 11/6/2010)
- $0.50/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Multipacks
-$0.50/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Multipacks

Hood Simply Smart Milk, 1% or Fat Free: Regular or Chocolate, half gal ctn. BOGO $3.59
-$.50/1 Hood Simply Smart Milk, Any Half Gallon Blinkie
-$1/1 Hood Simply Smart Milk, Any
-$.50/1 Hood Premium Chocolate Milk, Any Half Gallon

Kozy Shack Pudding – Assorted Varieties 22 oz tub or 4 or 6pk. 4 oz cup,  BOGO $2.99
-$0.55/1 Kozy Shack Product Rolling

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock, Regular or Churn Style, 15 oz tub or Twin Pack, 2 pk, 7.5 oz tub, BOGO $1.89
-$0.50/1 Shedd’s Country Crock Margarine TARGET coupon (exp 11/27/2010)
- $0.40/1 Shedd’s Country Crock Product (IE) Printable (FF)

Mayfield Ice Cream, Assorted Varieties, 48 oz ctn, BOGO $5.49
-$1/1 Mayfield Ice Cream, 1.5 Quart +, Any – 09-12-10 SS Insert

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries or Scrambles, Assorted Varieties, 6 ct, 10 or 11.5 oz box, BOGO $2.45
-$0.50/2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries 10/3/2010 GM Insert (exp 12/25/2010)
-$0.75/3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries 10/3/2010 GM Insert (exp 12/25/2010)
-$0.50/1 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries 9/12/2010 GM Insert (exp 12/4/2010)
-$0.75/3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries 9/12/2010 GM Insert (exp 12/4/2010)
-$0.75/3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries 8/8/2010 GM Insert (exp 10/30/2020)

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, Assorted Varieties, 11 or 12 oz bag, BOGO $2.39
-$0.50/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Rolling
-$0.50/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 10/3/2010 GM Insert (exp 11/27/2010)
-$0.50/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 9/12/2010 GM Insert (exp 11/6/2010)

Delizza Mini Belgian Eclairs or Cream Puffs, Assorted Varieties, 10.5 to 14.8 oz tub,BOGO $5.59

Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks or Fillets, Clams, or Haddock, Assorted Varieties, BOGO $4.49

Honest Kids Thirst Quenchers, Assorted Varieties, 8 ct, BOGO Surprisingly Low Price
-$0.75/1 Honest Kid Organic Drink Pouches Rolling

Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks, 10 oz pkg, BOGO $4.99
-$1/1 Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks (exp 11/2/2010)
-$1/1 Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks Rolling

Glass Plus Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner, 32 oz bot, BOGO $2.49
-$0.50/1 Glass Plus Cleaner Rolling

Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, Assorted Varieties, 20 or 32 ct box, BOGO $6.99
-$1.50/1 Finish Quantum 10/24/2010 SS Insert (exp 11/27/2010)
-$1/1 Finish Quantum Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Rolling
-$0.50/1 Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Rolling
-$0.75/1 Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Rolling
-$0.40/1 Finish Dishwasher Cleaner 9/19/2010 SS Insert (exp 11/14/2010)
-$1/1 Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent Rolling
-$0.50/1 Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Rolling
-$0.50/1 Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Rolling
-$0.75/1 FINISH® Powerball® Tabs or Gelpacs®

-$1/1 FINISH® Dishwasher Cleaner

Publix Omeprazole Acid Reducer, 20 mg, 14 ct box, BOGO $8.99

Schick Quattro or Intuition Razor, Assorted Varieties, 1 ct, BOGO $8.99
-$2/1 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Trimmer 10/24/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/5/2010)