A Walmart post..

I have a Timex watch I bought about 5 years ago. I love this watch. Well the battery dies and apparently you need a bachelors degree in rocket science to open it. Continue reading A Walmart post..

Sundays Coupon Preview

This is a great week. I will highlight the awesome ones. I am probably going to order a few more snuggle.I still have some left from the last campaign..I order from Dede’s… Continue reading Sundays Coupon Preview

Walgreens Coupon Book..

Here are the coupons you will see in the April coupon book at Walgreens.  These are found in the front of the store and are totally free.  They are valid from 3/28-4/24. Continue reading Walgreens Coupon Book..

Classes forming Now..

The Coupon Tutor


I am scheduling classes for spring and summer now. Think of it as the  new Tupperware party. Except no one is obligated to buy the cheapest thing.

I have 2 specials right now.  I am a visual person , so I think a personal touch might help some people.

1. $30 Dollars per person gets you a 2 hour session where I explain everything you will need to know.Plus I will go over and go shopping with you.This way I can further explain how to maximize your savings.For this service a small party is best.Up to 10 people.

2. $20 Dollars will get you a 2 hour session where I will explain everything you will need to know.As well as go over a shopping list.

Here is a quick rundown of all we will go over!

Coupon Terminology Where to get coupons How to organize coupons How to utilize the internet to get the best prices on groceries and toiletries Couponing policies & tips for local stores in Columbus Publix 101- a detailed description of how to coupon and save more than you spent! CVS & Walgreen’s Overview & Strategy Target Couponing Taking Advantage of . . . → Continue Reading: Classes forming Now..

Just a reminder …

Kmart is doubling soon.This may be a good time to get higher price items.

Also at Winn Dixie they have  a great price on beef $1.49 for hamburger meat. There is a limit of 2. But my cashier let me do it twice.YMMV.

I was able to get the tape dispenser at Walgreen’s for $.29. It did take 20 minutes (no lie I have a witness) they agreed to let me do it. While telling me they are going to stop taking them(Internet coupons). The problem was with there coupon. I just smiled and said Thanks!

Also I got 8 Hot Wheels cars. Theye are BOGO with coupon.!

SO far this week has been good!

Hope everyone else is having fun.

My second trip..

Here is what I gotI was able to use a $5/30 CVS coupon.

Not bad when you consider I bought a huge bag of dog food.

You can not really see how much I got. So here is the run down.

4 Nurti Grain BOGO

6 Muffins Bogo

2 Velveeta Shells and Cheese BOGO

1 Bag of Dog food.

My total OPP was $17.85 The dog food made my average higher. I basically bought the dog food and everything else was FREE.

My total saving $41.55

My first trip to Publix..

I went to Publix this morning and here is my reward Continue reading My first trip to Publix..

Brylane Home $10/50

Use promo code BHTAKE10 , you will get $10/50.Go here to score some great deals. I love their prices ,very reasonable. And now they have kitchen stuff. I need to get some things for my new house.

Get one before they are gone…

I just signed up for a FREE sample of Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets.  It’s detergent, softener, and anti-static all in one powerful sheet.  You can sign up at:  here.

Winn Dixie Ad

Thanks to Fiddledee! She has the post up. Some good deal this week. They are even having some good 50% sales. Continue reading Winn Dixie Ad

Kelly's Coupon Addiction

Visit Hotcouponworld It's all about the deals.

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