It's gone!

Here is a great coupon!

Go here to print a $10 off of $20 Kmart coupon! If your Publix accepts Kmart competitor coupons, you’ve got yourself $10 off your next grocery trip! This coupon is a PDF so you can print as many as you want!

It doesn’t expire until 5/15/10, so you’ve got $10 off your groceries each week for a good while! Yay!

This would also be great to use at Kmart or during Super Doubles Week! Really it is great anytime!

Thanks Frugal Fun and Fortune.

Sorry Guys.Kmart has issued a statement saying the coupon was only intended for A store in Ny. My 2 cents. Don’t put it on your website and put that in writing.The couppon says For all Kmart Locations..

But Oh well ! You win some you lose some!


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