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This is what happens when I turn my head for one second!

I get the fabulous Holly!

A gift from Connor

Even though he is not Irish.Has an Irish name. No lucky clovers today. He brought me dandelions. Picked all be himself!

Fur BabiesThese are my fur babies. Riley and Holly!

My name is Kelly and I am an addict

Well of coupons. I am a stay at home mom to a great 5 yr old boy. I have just recently begun couponing. Since March of 2009. I was the usual shopper.I primarily shopped at Walmart, if I had a coupon I would use it. But Boy I was so wrong. I first went to Iheartpublix.com and Michelle changed my life.I know what your thinking. I use to think Publix is expensive. But that was before I became a strategic shopper and I have a nice little stockpile. I also believe we should give to those in need from our surplus.I mean really do  I need 20 boxes of Cheez Its. No.

So sit down squat down but make yourself at home.

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