GA May Pass a New Law for Kids …..

Ga. House Passes Bill Raising Car Seat Age To 8

Posted: 1:17 pm EST March 1, 2011Updated: 1:33 pm EST March 1, 2011

ATLANTA — Georgia parents may soon be required to use a car seat for their 7- and 8-year-old children.A bill that raises the age for the use of child restraints from 6 to 8 years old passed the Georgia House on Tuesday. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Alan Powell, a Republican from Hartwell, includes an exemption for children under 8 who are at least 4 feet, nine inches or 40 pounds.The first violation would carry a fine of up to $50. A second violation has a fine of up to $100.Critics said the legislation is a “nanny bill” and the state shouldn’t tell parents how to raise children. Powell said the bill will help give parents safety guidelines and prevent severe injuries and deaths.The measure got a 129-43 vote. The bill now goes to the Senate.
What are your thoughts?? Bubba is only 6 but he is taller than the average 6 yr old. He is more like a 8 yr old. He fits in part of the exemption.
I don’t mind the law they are trying to pass. It is good to have a clear cut answer. but what I am tired of seeing is babies not in car seats. Or younger kids holding them in a moving car. Now I realize I would have Bubba in Rubble wrap forever, but I am slowly loosening the umbilical cord..
So if he is 4 foot 3 in and weighs 60 pds does this rule apply to me??

What are you doing this weekend???

Why don’t you come out and see me at The Home and Garden show in Columbus. It is $2 to get in. Free Coupon Class with a paying purchase.

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When a deal is not a great deal….

I should start this by saying I have been dying my hair for most of my life. I am usually the girl my friends would come to and fix their hair. But this is an example for when a deal turns bad.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some hair dye, from Clariol. I paid .66 cents for it. I thought it was awesome. Great price.. Well little did I know that it would not be a frugal purchase.

It came out Black. Black with a red tinge in the sun.I am entirely to pale to be that dark. Luckily my husband was not here to witness this disaster. Did I mention I was going to be on the Dee Armstrong Show at the end of the week? Ugh…

I washed it 25 times with Dawn.It did lighten it a bit. But I knew I was going to have to fix it..I called my hairdresser Jana @ Serendipity Hair Salon. Got my appointment and had to walk around with this hair for a week. It was so bad..

This is only the 3rd time in 20 yrs I have screwed it up so bad I had to fix it professionally. The last time it cost me about $150 bucks.

Luckily she said she could fix it.! She put some blended highlights and a toner. I was excited when she said it was $85 for everything. Hair cut, highlights, and style.

Thankfully I had enough money from taxes to do this.. Otherwise  I be walking around with Black Hair.

Serendipity and Jana have a great Refferral Program. if you tell her I sent you (Kelly Pressy) you get $15 dollars off and so do I.

So give Jana a call and get a new do!

In case you missed it!

I was on the Dee Armstrong show on Monday. It was so much fun. In case you missed it, you can catch it here!

I just would like to take a moment to thank all the little people who helped me this week!

Amy- My Mary Kay Lady..

Tennille - Thanks for the bling, bling. She sells Premier Jewelery.

Jana - At Serendipity Salon in Columbus..Thanks for fixing my screw up!


How would you like a place to call your own..Well here it is.

All Mom’s all the time.


Amber Alert in Columbus

Happy to say she has been found.And the guy arrested in Alabama!

Happy New Year~

Wishing everyone a safe and a frugal New Year!

New Show on TLC

Today TLC will be profiling 4 Extreme couponers across the US. I do visit 2 of these sites. One is the Krazy Coupon Lady and the other is Mr.Coupon from We Use  Coupons. While I am not anywhere near there success I do strive for a little of it.

I have been waiting for the dark side of couponing to appear. I guess I never realized being able to pay my bills and keep a fully stocked kitchen would be bad. I am not a hoarder. You can not really see my stockpile if you come to my house. I have a small stockpile compared to them. If I had the room and my husband would let me.I probably would have more.

But this year I have been able to help 3 families in our area. I could not do this if it weren’t for the couponing. I have no money for anything extra. Yet I still contributed. I always give to shelters or food banks throughout the year. It kinda irked me the way they made it seem like these people are nut jobs. For me all that toilet paper would mean is everyone getting some for Christmas. If someones house burnt down I would have enough to give them a starting point back on their feet.

Now I do understand the Hoarding part of the show. And yes I do feel that this can be addicting. But like everything else in moderation.

I do shop without coupons sometimes..I know, I do.. Guess what it is OK.

So make sure you tune in tonight to watch it.

Oh By the way.. I am not a hoarder I am frugal.

I know I have been slacking.

It has just been crazy at my house. I can get very little done with Bubba here. He is off from school so its nuts..I will be back tomorrow! Promise.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Thank You Sunny!

I just want to say the biggest Thank you to Miss Sunny. Thanks you for helping us out.. You Rock!

Nana, Grand mom, and I have picked 4 families that we are going to help this year from the Ledger’s Holiday Helpers. Let me tell who how horrible I felt picking through them.

Sunny out of the kindness in her heart decided to get a little something for all our families. I had to hide the skateboard from Bubba or he would have died!

Thanks again Sunny for even thinking about helping, but especially because you did!