New Changes to Rite Aid

There were some important changes made to Rite Aid’s +Up Reward system.  Starting on September 2nd members of Rite Aid’s Wellness+ Program will automatically have their +Up Rewards loaded directly/digitally onto their Wellness+ card.  This means no more tearing off your +Ups from the bottom of your receipt.  You can opt to have your +Up Rewards printed at the bottom of your receipt if you want.  Be sure to tell your cashier that you want paper rewards at the start of the transaction.

Another big change is that the +Up Reward can only be redeemed starting at 6:00 am the day after it was earned (which was always the intention, but is now being enforced).  The rewards now expire 14 days from the date of issue.  Your +UPs are taken off before any manufacturer coupons, so be sure your math is absolutely correct before you get to the register!

Q: If I have coupons to use, will my Load2Card +UPs come off after the coupons?

A: +UPs are deducted from total purchase after coupons, wellness+ discount and wellness+ restricted items have been deducted.

Rite Aid made these changes to get us through to door more often….and they even stated so!

In order  to continue to deliver the value and offers that you appreciate, we need to manage the program in a way that encourages our customers to come back to the store again and again.  +UP Rewards are added value, above and beyond our normal promotional pricing, intended  to reward frequency of shopping and customer loyalty.

The Load2Card +Up FAQ is essential to read if you are a Rite Aid Shopper.

What do you think about the changes?  Me?  Well, I like having my +Ups in paper form, so I opted to keep them.  I am definitely not a fan of the 14 day expiration since that is like Walgreens’ Register Rewards.  I liked having the leeway to shop for a +Up deal on Monday and my reward not expiring until a Saturday.  It seems like shopping at Rite Aid just got much harder.  Clearly there is no perfect drugstore to shop!