Couponing 101 Monday

After taking my break and coming back I realized all my coupons expired.. Upon picking my mouth off the floor , and the tears from my eyes.I put the ones I could donate to Coups for Troops.  My pitiful binder is completely empty. What to do?? Well I am going to get coupons. We can work this out together. Have you figured out what method your using? Do you have paper and ink? Nothing more frustrating than losing a coupon like that.

!. Get coupons. - Everyday I look and see what is new. , Red Plum, Smartsource, Saving Star. Print the ones you know you use. Print two prints just by clicking your back button.

2. Cut them and organize. Don’t worry about the store sales. Patience is key.

3. Put them away. All done. Well except for looking through out the week everyday for coupons.






  1. Holly says:

    I know that must have just hurt your heart.

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