Class 2 - I got coupons clipped now what….

They style you pick is like a pair of shoes, you have to go with what works for you. I use a Binder. But this week we are gonna go over all the different way to organize your coupons.

Buy a Quality Binder

  • Invest up-front in trusted name brand binder
  • Use an office supply store coupon to lower out of pocket expense
    • Best time to buy: August and September at Back-to-School sales

Two Methods: By Date or By Category

  • By Category
    • More time up front, less time shopping
    • Smaller binder needed (2-3 inch)
  • By Date
    • Less time up front, more time getting ready to shop
    • Larger binder needed (5 inch)
      • Look for a binder with a crease to be able to expand if needed


  • By Date
    • Tab dividers to separate by week
    • Sheet protectors, 100+ pages
  • By Category
    • 9 pocket baseball sleeves. We recommend about 60 pages.
  • Pencil pouch
    • Small pair of scissors
    • Calculator to estimate total cost or figuring price per unit/ weight
    • Writing utensils

How to Start

  • Tear apart inserts at seams and stack like pages
  • Staple pages together

How to Organize

  • By Date
    • Write dates that insert came out on each page
    • Insert each page into its own sheet protector
      • Put junk ads back to back to save on space
  • By Category
    • Cut out each¬†coupon from stapled pages
    • File coupons within categories
      • ¬†Figure out what you categories are going to be. Write them on the tabs.
      • You can use tab dividers for each category for easier sorting
      • Sometimes coupons will need to be cropped or folded to fit

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