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If the world of couponing is confusing and overwhelming..Then don’t worry. I can teach you how to save Hundreds a Month on your groceries.$10 Dollars will get you a 2 hour session where I will explain everything you will need to know. As well as go over a shopping list.

Here is a quick rundown of all we will go over!

  • Coupon Terminology
  • Where to get coupons
  • How to organize coupons
  • How to utilize the internet to get the best prices on groceries and toiletries
  • Couponing policies & tips for local stores in Columbus
  • Publix 101- a detailed description of how to coupon and save more than you spent!
  • CVS & Walgreen’s Overview & Strategy
  • Target Couponing
  • Taking Advantage of Clearance Items & Coupons
  • Stockpiling Basics
  • One on one questions
  • Plus, all participants will receive a folder of take home materials which includes: a detailed outline to reference.

If you book a party the hostess is FREE! Only one  hostess per party!There is a minimum of 4..With a Max of 10..So grab some Girls and Have a Night out!

This will be the best investment of your life!

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