Hurry Hurry..

Hurry, live again!!! Get a Free sample of Seventh Generation Dish Soap. They are giving away thousnads of free samples this month. Head on over and ‘like’ them so you will know when the next one goes live. You can also enter your email while there and they will notify you that way.

Penny Item

You will find the penny item in the Ledger today, usually on page A3.

This week the penny item is Publix Bathroom Tissue. The penny item coupon is valid for one day only –the day your ad begins (either Wednesday or Thursday). The actual coupon can be found in the newspaper on your penny item day! Florida does not participate in the penny item promotion.

You must spend 10 Bucks before coupons!

Free Dove


DEO Go Fr revive deo71 27742 Free Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Revive Deodorant

Get a Free Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Revive Deodorant. It is offered by Costco but no membership # is req’d.