Where I’ve Been

Well my heart breaks for all the victims of the Tornado’s last week. I stayed up all night that night hoping I would not have to take Bubba in the closet. I was so tired the next morning, but was watching the weather channel and I kept seeing pictures and just thinking horrible thoughts.

I was going to go to sleep and I kept hearing that people are still trapped in the rubble. Moms, dads, babies, kids, animals. I finally thought “Your complaining that your tired, people are dying and stuck and their life ruined. And all you can think is to go to sleep.”

That pretty much did it for me. I called Zaneta Lowe at WTVM and said “Listen I gotta do something.”I started doing this to show that even if you can’t afford to send a donation you could still help. I did not spend a dime but we have a huge truck going tomorrow. Ok I bought drinks for us. I paid $4.24. I have no experience in any kind of fundraising or planning. I called the Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church. They were in. I called Mark Cantrell and he was in. Zaneta called Two Men and A Truck . He was in. We had the foundation. I emailed over 500 people a day. I called every favor I could. I harassed anyone who would listen.

We had a plan. I was so afraid we would have no donations. No volunteers, No Boxes. Boy was I wrong. We had volunteers and Boxes a Full truck.

Now I am going to shower and go to sleep. we will be back to our regularly scheduled program soon.

Did I miss anything. I have not looked at a coupon related anything in days!