Have you heard the GREAT NEWS!

No I am not pregnant. But it is probably the second most awesome thing I have ever heard.

Are you sitting down?

Winn Dixie on Veterans Parkway is now accepting Target and Publix Coupons.

This is HUGE….Please tell Micheal the fantastic Manager Thank You! This is not Winn Dixie’s Policy it is his policy..

Now stop reading and do the Happy Dance like I did. Luckily it is not on camera. No one want to see me shaking my behind..

Is this going to change

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8 comments to Have you heard the GREAT NEWS!

  • Melissa

    I thanked him when I was in last week!!

  • Bradley

    Is it true that Winn Dixie stacks manu. coupons I use tp do this at Publix and had the worst experience ever Made me not wanna use coupons anymore. So if there taking Publix and Target can you stack them with several manu. coupons that would be HUGE savings.

  • Bradley

    I usually go to the Publix in Phenix City. Like my normal trip i get tons of other things too i had several different manu. coupons for Huggies/Pull-ups then out of nowhere the coupon police lol (thats what i call her) was extemely rude said there cracking down on us you can only use 1 manu and 1 store coupon she was loud really embarrassing i told her to take them off and i would go to winn dixie i went to the 1 out hwy 80 they took all of them with no problem if she would have just scanned them like they always have it would have been no problem the saddest thing is i have coupons for dole fruit cups and she took all those same thing she said i couldnt do i hate guessing with these coupons she really made me feel bad but from now on i go to winn dixie

  • Julie

    I love that Winn Dixie! Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t know that.

  • Wendy

    It is CONFIRMED!!!

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