When a deal is not a great deal….

I should start this by saying I have been dying my hair for most of my life. I am usually the girl my friends would come to and fix their hair. But this is an example for when a deal turns bad.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some hair dye, from Clariol. I paid .66 cents for it. I thought it was awesome. Great price.. Well little did I know that it would not be a frugal purchase.

It came out Black. Black with a red tinge in the sun.I am entirely to pale to be that dark. Luckily my husband was not here to witness this disaster. Did I mention I was going to be on the Dee Armstrong Show at the end of the week? Ugh…

I washed it 25 times with Dawn.It did lighten it a bit. But I knew I was going to have to fix it..I called my hairdresser Jana @ Serendipity Hair Salon. Got my appointment and had to walk around with this hair for a week. It was so bad..

This is only the 3rd time in 20 yrs I have screwed it up so bad I had to fix it professionally. The last time it cost me about $150 bucks.

Luckily she said she could fix it.! She put some blended highlights and a toner. I was excited when she said it was $85 for everything. Hair cut, highlights, and style.

Thankfully I had enough money from taxes to do this.. Otherwise  I be walking around with Black Hair.

Serendipity and Jana have a great Refferral Program. if you tell her I sent you (Kelly Pressy) you get $15 dollars off and so do I.

So give Jana a call and get a new do!

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