What I got! Drugstore Edition

I had some of the Stayfree BOGO’s that were going  to expire yesterday, so I figured I would use them. I got in on the Promo of spend $15 get back $5 Ups Reward.

The 1st Transaction I did was the Edy’s. Pay $2.99 each and receive $2 in Ups Rewards.

The 2nd Transaction I bought the Hair Color. 75% off. Price was $2.66 - used $2/1 Clariol Mani coupon.

The 3rd Transaction I bought $15 worth of selected Products. I also bought 3 packs of Pepsi for $9 Get back $2 Ups.

Paid $11 for and Recived $7 in Rewards.

The 4th Transaction I gought 4 StayFree. They were BOGO I used 2 of the $1/1 and 2 of the BOGO. I paid $1.14 for all 4. I used $2 of the Ups Reward.

I should say that the BOGO Stay Free were up to $3.00. The ones I purchased was $6.99. The cashier took off full price. I even asked the manager and she said that is what they were supposed to do.. I kept trying to tell them they were taking too much off. They were not listening. So I gave up.

My total before coupons was $62.94

My Total after 4 Tranactions and Ups $16.78.

Savings of 74%

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2 comments to What I got! Drugstore Edition

  • Jennifer


    I hope you can help me a little with the drug store deals.

    For deals that are buy $15 worth of product and get $5 rewards points or extra care cash can you use coupons? I went into Rite Aid and bought the soda for 9.99, chex for 3.00 and gatorade for 2.00, when I asked about the $5 rewards bonus at first I asked if it was because I actually only spent $14.99 but the manager said it was because I used (2) .50 cent coupons and that brought the total down. I did get the 2.00 rewards for the pepsi deal.

    However, when I went to CVS last week I did a deal that gave me the extra bucks even when I used the coupons.

    Are each store different? I see online how so many people work the deals so they pay very little and get all these extra’s.

    Thanks for your help. Your website is very useful and informative.

    Jennifer T.

    • Kelly

      Well without seeing it. I know it has to be over $15. Your coupons should not have anything to do with it. Which one did you go to?? I always try to go over the amount.Espically since it is things I am using anyway.
      CVS has the best program. It doesn’t take coupons into effect.I hope that helps you out. Stay tuned I will be Putting together more Drugstore Deals!

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