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Welcome to my site. On here you will find listing for all sorts of deals in the Columbus Area.  If your a newbie you may want to check out on “Where to start.”

If the world of couponing is still frustrating well I can help you. I teach classes to help with any fears..My next class is coming up on Dec 7th go here if you would like to register.  Did I mention there is free Childcare.

Starting to coupon can be overwhelming and terrifying.. Hopefully we will get you through this and you will be arguing with cashiers in no time. (Just kidding)

So buckle up cause it is a bumpy ride. But I promise I will help you any way I can..

Here is  my favorite thing  you have to do.

  1. Swagbucks- Trust me this may not help you out this year, but next year you could have most of Christmas paid for.. Basically in a a nut shell use this site to do searches. Nothing downloads on your computer. Earn points in which you can turn them into Gift Cards.. My favorite thing..
  2. Make sure you “Like” me on Facebook sometimes things are time sensitive that I do not have time to put them up..
  3. Start clipping coupons. I get the Atlanta Paper.There are much more coupons in it.

This is just a place to start. So get some coupons and get shopping.

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