Coupon Clipping is in!

How do you really know if coupon clipping is shiek! When a celebrity is doing them. I kid you not. This is on Radaronline.I do confess to watching the show. and love, love, love her. She is a little late to the part. But it is OK!

While she and her husband deal with their bankruptcy woes, Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice is learning ways save her pennies! has learned exclusively that the feisty brunette made good use of coupons during a recent holiday season purchase.

The Skinny Italian author, whose over-the-top lifestyle is well-documented on the Bravo reality TV show, recently clipped coupons for her kids’ trick-or-treating gear and even Tweeted about the frugal fashion finds.

“Sorry for all the Ebate Tweets, but Angelina Ballerina costumes for $4??? LOVE xx.” Teresa wrote on her Twitter page.

“…U get $5 just for signing up. I just did. I hear people get alot of $ back,” she added. “Not a scam & I don’t work for them…then you visit Ebates *before* you go to any online store. Click through them & you earn cash back. The stores pay Ebates for the biz.”

The Giudices’ financial woes began when they filed for bankruptcy in October 2009, revealing that they are millions of dollars in debt.

According to a source close to the family, this is the first year Teresa hasn’t gone all out for the holiday.

“They’ve [the costumes] always been very elaborate and expensive. Every year she has the costumes custom made by a friend of the family for Halloween,” said the source.

What else can I say. I wonder if she will have leopard binders made??

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