What I got!

I went to 3 stores this week. I had to get some gain…

Alright,this is my Publix trip. I know I am below my 75 % but I got almost 100 dollars worth of groceries for $33. I am OK with that. As long as I save 50% I can hold my head up..I got to use the $5 off 5 Kraft coupon as well as a $10/40 from Winn Dixie. It was a good day. I talked to a mnager who might be able to clear a few things up for me..We will see how that goes. She was really nice and gave me a $5/30. SO I love her!

This is my Winn Dixie deal.In case you can see this clear there are 10 boxes of fruit roll ups. Connor and I love them.. Also The Digronio Pizza’s were $4.99 I had a 1.00 off. I paid $3.99 for A Pizza and bread sticks! Yeah!!!!!!

Here is my FAVORITE haul. I got 3 Gain and Butt Paste. I had to by clips because I thought the cashier was going to have a stroke. I walked out paying $1.72 for all.

My Totals for the week


Total before coupons $ 94.48

Total Savings $ 70.98

Total OOP $ 33.53

Save Percentage 65%

Winn Dixie

Total before Coupons $59.98

Total Savings $ 25.95

Total OOP $ 33.03

Save percentage %60.

How did you do!

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