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I went by today to see if there were any coupons to pull. They have the 3.00 /1 Finish. Which is on sale for $4.99. This makes it $1.99.. I went to pay for it and I tried to use a RR which I have been using for over a year and I was told by an Asst Manager that they don’t take these. I got the whole spiel of how their are not getting paid, Walgreen’s get paid….Blah Blah, Blah.. I explain it is  a Manufacture Coupon and they would get paid.  They will take a 5/25 from CVS or Walgreen’s. Which they would not get paid. And then you have the whole , can only be HBA stuff..  I asked when did this happen. I was told Months ago. Really cause I have been using them forever.. Grrrrr.

I guess I am going to have to call someone on this.

I hate when people mess with my stuff.

Has anyone else run into this problem..??

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