Kmart Super Doubling

K-Mart is set to be having a Double Coupon Event July 4-July10th. Supposedly this coupon event is ONLY for Health and Beauty Coupons up to a $2 Value. Some things you should know.

Do not be surprised if they know nothing about it.

It is only good for Health and Beauty.

Only 5 coupons will be doubled. It is linked to your card.

K-Mart can cancel this event at anytime (like before)! I will keep you posted.

All 3 Stores in Columbus are participating.

They do take internet coupons.  I had a store tell me they don’t.

I probably won’t be getting anything, because I did not think this was going to happen so I am unprepared… BAD COUPONER. I know.

What are you going to get. Leave me a comment!