We got a Printer for $36.00

We were at the Gateway Walmart to pick up a few things I can n get at Publix, socks….Paul ( my husband) walked over to the movies section and came over and said that this printer was $89. We need 2 with all the coupons I could print. But then he said OH it says 6o% off. There were display models.  I asked because with Walmart you never know. It is missing a power cable. The clerk came back and said $36.  I’ll take it. That’s a 75% savings. Wooohhooo. Originally $199. There is no store warranty. But there is a Kodak warranty. Paul says to always check the clearance. Thanks hun. I would have never thought that. (sarcasm)

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Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July.

I just wanted to share something from my life.  My son Connor is 5 and he loves that he can see all the soldiers everywhere.  We live next to Fort Benning and we have family members serving.  He knows that soldiers fight the “bad guys”. He always loves to tell them Hi!   He knows that I am going to be collecting Thank You cards for service members  on a project I will be working on.  I told him that we should say Thanks to them for fighting for our freedom. Well yesterday we were shopping and there was a group of soldiers int he store. Their family was there with them. Connor walks up to them and says “Thank You”.  The look the mother gave me was priceless. The soldiers eyes teared up. I almost started crying. Ok I had to hold it in.  I told Connor I was proud of him.  He asked, if your proud why are you crying. I said my  pride was overflowing. I have a great kid.