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Well last night me and Connor were watching the news and all of a sudden I heard something about a Coupon Workshop this weekend.  That’s all they said.  I looked at my husband and I said “what did they say?”  Connor had heard it and he asked me “Momma you teach coupons”  It is always surreal seeing yourself on TV.  Well WTVM ran a story about my workshop and I always think wow I am such a dork.  I was a bartender for 7 yrs, I used to put Bikers in the corner if they annoyed me. It was great money. And probably the best job I ever had.   But I still think of myself like that. Cool, together. After my child was born, I became a big baby. Crying over stupid commercials. Where did that other girl go to?  I want some of her back.

But alas, I am just a big dork .

Have a great weekend!

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