A Walmart post..

I have a Timex watch I bought about 5 years ago. I love this watch. Well the battery dies and apparently you need a bachelors degree in rocket science to open it. My husband tried for a hour to get it off. I even looked up online at Timex how to get it off. I read that you have to go to a jewelry store or Walmart. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Walmart. But with better prices and discounts at Publix I shop there. I do a little shopping at Walmart but not like I used to.Anyway I go in and head over to the jewelry dept. Ask the girl if she can put it on. She brings out all these tools and pop goes my faceplate. My stomach dropped. It was a 70 dollar watch (4 years ago) But its so pretty. Silver band, lights up.This was my Ill never pay for another watch again!The girl is very apologetic…The CSM tells me you’ll have to send it to Timex. I think alright. But the manager comes over and asks the girl what happened. Long story short he tells me if we have the same watch we will do an exchange. So what happens.  I get a brand new watch for free.

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