A Southern Womans Guide

I was over at a Southern woman’s guide and i loved her post about coupon lessons.

Couponing Lessons Learned

#1- You might spend  a little more at first. This is your stockpiling period.  For example, I spent a little more in the beginning on canned veggies because I was starting my stockpile of them.  Now when they come on sale, I get what I need to replenish my stock.

#2-  Learn sale cycles. Once you coupon for a few months, you start to notice how often certain things come on sale.  In the beginning, I stocked up on Wishbone dressing, not realizing that it comes on sale about once a month or so and I didn’t need to stock up as much as I did then.  Right now though, Bausch and Lomb is B1G1 at Publix and this is the first time I’ve seen it on sale since I started couponing in the beginning of November- so I will be stocking up on this for Mr. Tom Gobbler.

#3-  Coupon nazis exist. Every now and again you’ll run across a clerk that seems to get pleasure out of questioning your coupons.  Get familiar with the clerks and try to check out with clerks your familiar with- it makes the process easier.

#4- Always carry a $ off $$ coupon with you. These coupons are one of the easiest ways to save at Publix.  That being said, here is gift to you.

#5-  Be smart about printing coupons. If a coupon says $/1, you will probably want more than one, so print them now.  If you wait it may not be available later.  If a coupon says $/2 then you might not want 6 of these, you may only want 1 or 2 and printing 5 would waste your ink and paper.  Before you print, check your coupons to make sure you need what you are about to print.  If you go crazy printing coupons, you will waste a lot of ink and  paper- both of which cost money!

#6- Look for coupons in the stores. Some of the best coupons can be found in the grocery stores.  When you go shopping, keep your eyes peeled for tearpads and blinkies- and on occasion coupon booklets.

#7-  Sign up for home mailers. If Proctor & Gamble is offering you a coupon booklet in the mail if you sign up, do it.  These tend to be high dollar coupons.  I always sign up for coupon opportunities from well known companies and it pays off, just last week I got coupon mailers from Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Publix and Kashi.  Between the 4 mailers, I got more than $30 worth of coupons!

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